Transmitância Atmosférica Para Piracicaba-SP

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Transmitância Atmosférica Para Piracicaba-SP Transmitância Atmosférica Para Piracicaba-SP

Autoria: Rafael Ferreira da Costa

Coautoria: Sylvia Elaine Marques de Farias

Ano: 1998

Abstract: Values of incident solar radiation to the surface were collected during the second semester of 1993 in the station of ESALQ/USP in Piracicaba, SP. The incident solar radiation in the top of the atmosphere was calculated through formulas. A to leave of the obtained information the atmospheric transmitance it was calculated for periods of clear and cloudy days, so much in the winter as in the summer. The medium transmitance was of 0,54 in the clear days and 0,15 in the cloudy ones. The variation in the transmitance was due to performance of front systems in the area, mainly in the winter, as well as the accomplishment of having burned in cane plantation of the area that liberated a lot of smoke for the atmosphere.


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